Amex’s Incentive to Shop Small

Over the past few months, American Express has been incredible at adapting their benefits and rewards to our current COVID lifestyle. From providing streaming and wireless telephone statement credits, to increasing dining rewards on most of their cards, to even providing a $200 appreciation credits to select cardholders. This week, American Express generously launched a valuable Amex Offer to encourage card members to support their local community and shop at small businesses. This campaign is especially excellent due to the extraordinary challenges many local small businesses have been facing during the past few months. American Express is going above and beyond to support not only their cardmembers directly, but also local communities to help kick start local economies post lockdown.

The Amex Offer: $50 Statement Credit for Purchases at Small Businesses! 

American Express is incentivizing cardholders to shop at small businesses, which is needed now more than ever. We are incredibly excited to take advantage of this Amex Offer, specifically to try some different and new small businesses in our immediate area. From June 29 to September 20, 2020, targeted American Express card members will be eligible to receive up to $50 in statement credits in total. This $50 is broken down into ten separate $5 statement credits whenever a cardholder spends $10 or more at a small business.

First, you need to visit your American Express mobile application or log into your account via the web browser. Go to your Amex Offers and add the “Spend $10+ get $5 back, up to 10 times when you shop Small” offer. This specific Amex Offer appeared on all of our American Express cards, including the Platinum Card from American Express, American Express Gold Card, Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, and American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant. This Amex Offer is also available on American Express business cards. We activated this Amex Offer on our American Express Gold Card because we plan on using it to try out local coffee shops and smaller lunch spots! This way, we will still be optimizing our earnings of 4X Membership Rewards points from dining, while taking advantage of the Amex Offer and earning statement credits. It appears that you can only add this Amex Offer to a single card within your account, so make sure you choose wisely! Once you add it, you cannot un-add it. Cardmembers must activate this offer before July 26, 2020, to take advantage of it.

After adding the Amex Offer to your specific card, you can decide where you want to make your purchase to earn your statement credit. Luckily, American Express has a very clean small business search engine, making it super simple to track down the small business you want to support! Check out the search map here. We searched “coffee” in our city, and a plethora of options popped up. One of the coolest parts of this Amex Offer is finding new local places to try while also supporting your community!

Final Point

Hopefully, you can take advantage of this symbiotic Amex Offer! American Express is supporting its cardholders while also encouraging us to support local businesses, thereby creating a perfect win-win. This offer is a unique twist on bringing us all a little closer during this trying year. Make sure you comment down below, DM us on Instagram, or message us on Facebook to let us know which small businesses you will be supporting with this Amex Offer!